Listing Rules

All companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) must adhere to the ASX Listing Rules. These rules aim to:

•    providing a fair and well-informed market for financial securities; and
•    providing an internationally competitive market

The ASX Markets Supervision Enforcement Unit is responsible for upholding these rules and taking action where appropriate. As the enforcing company is an arm of ASX Limited – itself a listed entity on its own exchange – the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) is responsible for the supervision of ASX Limited’s conduct and will take action where appropriate.

Ch. Description
1   Admission
2   Quotation
3   Continuous disclosure
4   Periodic disclosure
5   Additional reporting on mining and exploration activities
6   Securities
7   Changes in capital and new issues
8   Transfers and registration
9   Restricted securities
10 Transactions with persons in a position of influence
11  Significant transactions
12 Ongoing requirements
13 Additional requirements for trusts
14 Meetings
15 Requirements for documents
16 Fees
17 Trading halts, suspensions, removal
18 Application of listing rules
19 Interpretation and definitions
20 Self listing of ASX

Courtesy of: ASX Limited